Our consulting firm offers a variety of tailored services, from diagnostics to predictions and transfer-risk financial mechanisms. Find below some examples of our previous and current work.

Tell us more about your needs and project so we can design the best set of solutions for you.

Food systems

Agriculture production has become a main focus for developing and developed countries. Market competition and regulations, and environmental-associated hazards, are increasing the risks to already vulnerable ecosystems. Alisios Corporation helps farmers and producers by optimizing adaptation and mitigation strategies. We use drones with multi-spectral sensors flying over your crop fields to help you design optimal irrigation, crop rotation and pesticide strategies; crop yield prediction; food chain analyses and many other tailored products.

Health systems

Our One Health approach understands Health systems in an holistic way, more connected with the environment and processes that impact human beings. Predicting the next epidemic is hard, but our predictions of environmental suitability for transmission and risk hotspots of old and new epidemics help national and international organizations to be prepared to human health threats. We focus on vector borne diseases prediction, and nutrition and undernutrition analyses and forecasts for the regions that need them the most.

Energy systems

Energy systems continue to be a cornerstone for production, economic systems and human development. Alisios Corporation offers analysis and predictions of hydroelectric, wind, solar, tidal, fossil-based energy production and prices, and strategic recommendations for your project. Predicting potential damage to energy-related infrastructure is also part of our job.

Financial systems

Finance allows to meet your objectives and to fulfill your organisations’ objective, as well as to plan for continued growth. Alisios Corporation offers causal network analysis of financial systems; index-based insurance design and implementation; forecast-based financing and actions; financial instruments and predictions to enable institutions’ success and sustainability.

Human systems

Tailored socio-economic analyses, monitoring and prediction of society-relevant variables, attribution and legal advice on climate migration. Downstream analysis of climate change and variability impacts on populations. This component of our work links to all the other ones described in this page. Just ask us to know more about it.

Climate system

Floods, droughts, landslides, lightning, aqua alta, heat and cold waves tailored predictions across multiple timescales with our Sibila Monitoring and Prediction Systems, involving the latest dynamical pattern-based recognition, Machine Learning algorithms and climate models, for any threshold triggering your adaptation measures to climate change and natural climate variability.