Alisios Corporation is a highly-specialised environmental boutique consulting firm, providing tailored services for managing weather, climate and socio-economic risks.

We use state-of-the-art monitoring and prediction technologies to jointly identify with our clients the risks they face, their transmission paths and impacts on their business. We advise our clients with a set of concrete solutions to minimise or transfer the risk, and maximise profits and wellbeing.

At Alisios Corporation, we provide you the best possible information for your decision-making processes by combining a variety of observational datasets (ground-based, aerial, satellite constellations) with Sibila®, our own prediction technology that merges comprehensive mathematical, numerical and statistical models using enhanced pattern-recognition machine learning algorithms.

To us, your project is a continuum defined by all past and present events (i.e., your unique ecosystem) that have brought it to this moment in time, and it is distinctly linked to all its potential futures. Hence, we offer you the robust scientific analytical information you require, based on both (a) monitoring of past and present events of interest, and (b) Sibila® predictions of key variables for your ecosystem. Your present decision-making process is thus informed by the continuous intersection of our monitoring and prediction services.

Our founders -professional alumni of Columbia University and Princeton University- and our team of global and regional experts have conducted projects all around the world, for a variety of clients including international banks, organisations and development offices, national and regional governments, ministries, federations and smaller institutions and business. For details on our previous experience and services we offer, see here.

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